Dangers of Getting Old

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

Nobody ever told me that getting older was full of danger. As we get older we go through a lot of changes. I’m not only talking about hormonal here though I’ve heard those can be awful, I’m talking about the shape and condition of our bodies. One thing in particular is our skin. Mine is getting drier and itchier but a lot get tissue paper thin skin that gets peeled off like the outside of an onion.

We make sure our houses are safe for babies and toddlers but what about the elderly. I already know about throw rugs and how they can be trip hazards, heck my own 2 feet are trip hazards but there are so many other dangers in our homes.

I once tripped over the vacuum cleaner hose and ended up with 4 breaks in my foot. See, that right there shows that housework is dangerous. I ran into the dog crate and sheared a bone on the outside of that same foot. In my defense the power went out and it was dark. I turn over at night and almost fall out of bed. Again, not my fault, 2 mini dachshunds take up most of the queen size bed. Then of course there’s the skin. Did you know that sharp corners and edges to counters, tables and even drawer handles and doorknobs can cause the skin to peel off or end up in deep cuts. Would you imagine a round doorknob causing an injury besides a bruise? The friction of the knob against the skin can result in the skin peeling off. Yeah, it’s torture getting older. I have to remember, even though my mind says I’m forever young my body’s betraying me.

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