Squirrels, Spiders and Snakes Oh My (and maybe clowns)

Photo by Kat Korman from FreeImages

Were you fearless or fearful as a kid? Me, I was fearless, climbing trees, playing with garter snakes and bugs didn’t scare me one bit. The only think I can remember being afraid of my entire life was squirrels.

As I got older I lost that wild, fearless streak or did I just get smarter, I’m not sure. All I know is that I’m leery of heights, not afraid of being up high but fearful of getting up there and then getting down. I can’t even climb past the first rung of a ladder unless there’s a wall next to me to hold on to. Yeah, I would get my granddaughter to climb up there to change bulbs for me. I’m afraid of snakes and once ran screaming when I saw a garter snake in my yard until a neighbor was kind enough to relocate it for me. I have a problem with possums and raccoons after a possum hissed at me as he backed out from under my lawn mower and a raccoon trapped me in my house by refusing to leave the front porch. Now on to spiders, my opinion was to squish them and be done with it until I found out these little white balls I was brushing off my outside trash can was black widow eggs. Now I’m looking for those things everywhere I go, petrified that I’m going to be attacked.

Oh, squirrels, when I was a a kid one jumped from the back porch to the kitchen window. The window was open and thankfully there was a screen there but it scared me to death and started my fear. About 18 years ago I had a squirrel in my house, that was the day I borrowed a trap from a friend, set it in the kitchen where the squirrel was barricaded and left for the weekend. When I got home I had a VERY angry squirrel in the trap. I poured a bottle of water on him so he could get a drink and crumbled up crackers so he could eat.

Now do you want to talk about clowns?

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